Juicing 1 day a week for beginners

One day without solid food can do much to give the body the much needed rest since little or no energy is consumed the entire day in digesting food, and instead becomes availablefor repair and healing needs of the body. However, since the very thought of consuming nothing at all for a full day can seem daunting if one has never done it before, a juice fast is a great starting point. That is so because on a juice fast, the body is partially still in fasting mode (since the juices get digested quickly) and yet the body does not feel completely deprived.

Generally speaking, drinking fresh organic cold pressed juices not only keep the body hydrated but also provides the needed nutrients in the most bio-available form. Needless to say, the effectiveness and the results depend also on what is being juiced, how it is juiced, and how long ago it was juiced. Juicing also helps with and faciliates detox which can sometimes manifest as headaches, nausea, surfacing of past emotions etc., but once over that bit, things do get a whole lot better.

If you have never done a juice fast before, and would like to explore it, drop us a line and we'd be happy to talk.

Let us know when ready!