The hottest debate I have witnessed on this topic is that of Juicing versus Blending. Well, outside of the many diverse opinions (both scientifc and non-scientific), the truth is for you to uncover, because that would unfold and unravel much more for you…

In my experience, both juicing and blending have their own benefits depending on the results being sought. While the blending approach can certainly contribute to a healthy lifestyle, juicing is usually far more effective for complex and chronic conditions given that juices are much more nutrient dense and the absorption  easier (though it goes without saying that everyone could benefit from it). It would also depend on what one is juicing. Not everything coming down the juicer into the juicing bowl might be optimal for everyone!


I call it Juice “Fasting” because it refers to consuming juices only for the duration of the program. It is obviously not equivalent to dry fasting or water fasting – but it is a version of partial-fasting whereby the body is able to reap many of the benefits of fasting (in terms of detox, cleansing, and purging) without feeling altogether deprived. Typically, the first three days are the most challenging but once one gets past that, the amazing benefits are so apparent and one feels so much better already – that one is generally more than motivated to keep going for the entire program duration! Not to forget, some discomfort may be experienced by some people as the body detoxes, but depending on the tolerance level, the detox could be slowed down by slightly tweaking the Juice Plan.


Needless to say, one does not have to go on a Juice fast, and can actually just incorporate a freshly made juice as one of the meals (or snack) in one’s day. It just depends on one’s unique situation, and the reason for wanting to fast. 

Of course, the results vary from person to person, situation to situation, from “good” to “absolutely dramatic” but generally everybody has something to gain. That is precisely the reason we have created a few different programs of varying lengths to be able to cater to  varying needs and preferences.  Some among the many benefits of juicing that we have personally experienced in this journey include: obvious increase in energy levels and stamina, no back pain issues despite a desk job requiring sitting in the more or less same position the entire day, no eye fatigue from staring at the computer screen all day long, no annoying skin allergies, relief from chronic physical pain…..and much more.


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