Our Programs are the right fit for you if one or more of the following apply:

1. You need a big boost in your energy level /stamina
2. You are a sugar addict and want to be free
3. You need to lose excess weight in order to hit your optimal weight and health
4. You are tired of break-outs and desire a clearer skin
5. You want to transition to a vegan or raw vegan lifestyle
6. You want to go on a juice-fast for detoxing and/or healing
7. You would like some relief from chronic pain
8. You have some unresolved heart issues and need to get "unstuck" and move forward
9. You would like to change some habits and improve your lifestyle.

If you desire the change, I am happy to provide a Free one-on-one 30 to 45 minutes phone session to facilitate your breakthrough. By the time the session ends, I am confident that you will have more clarity on your next step.

Your preparation for the Session entails:

1. Ensure you are in a quiet place away from distractions.
2. Put all past failures behind you and come expecting
3. Make a refundable deposit of $49 to hold your spot (which will be refunded immediately after the Session - (or used towards the Program should you wish to enrol in any Program) but forfeited if the Session is rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24 hour notice. The payment may be made via interac-transfer, paypal, or in cash, and will be refunded by the same method. This helps us honor each other's time.

By the time the session ends, one or more of the following will happen:
1. You will want to continue working together with me for the duration of the Program selected.
2. You will have clarity on the next step to be able to move forward more confidentaly even if we don't work together.
3. Your deposit will be refunded in full via the mode used to pay (unless you decide to to enrol in a Program, in which case, the deposit will be used towards the Program Fee).

I invite you to utilize our 30 to 45 minute FREE Breakthrough Discovery Session via the "FREE SESSION" Form below, and we will get back to you at the earliest possible to schedule your Session.