Juice Coach

Faith is a Certified Juice Therapist, and shares her story of encouragement with those that may have lost hope. Doing Juice-Fasts may not be the journey everyone might want to go on, but certainly, everyone could benefit from incorporating some nutrient dense juices as a snack or a meal in their daily routine.

Juicing has been  part of Faith’s lifestyle for over eight years (since 2010). She embarked on this  journey inspired by a “knowing” on the inside (call it a “still small voice”, a “gut feeling” or “the instinct”) when she was in debilitating pain and hardly able to walk even a few steps without a horrible limp. She became  60% pain-free with just one 40 day juice fast (with some salads included), 90% pain-free and completely “limp-free” by the end of her second 40 day juice fast (exclusive juicing this time with no solids), and…. ..Check out “My Story” below for more details.

Raw Vegan Coach

Faith has been a vegan since 2002 and a raw vegan since 2003. She made the lifestyle change in the midst of an impossible situation, wanting a breakthrough in being able to reverse the severe damage caused to her face (discussed in the “My Story” section below). At the time, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do this long-term but because the results were so phenomenal and impacted all areas of her life including her eyesight, she had no desire to step back into her old lifestyle. She is grateful for amazing health, and happy  to coach others wanting /needing support –  mindful of the fact that one does not have to jump into a raw vegan lifestyle a 100% to start seeing some obvious improvement – because even 25% to 50% change  is bound to bring in some good results (which could potentially serve as motivation to making further changes).

Habit-Change Health & Life Coach

   “Small hinges swing big doors”

Because transitioning to a 100% vegan or raw vegan lifestyle might not be the best approach for everyone or a journey that everyone might want to embark on, Faith meets her clients where they are at and helps make the little changes that can go a long way in achieving total transformation. She is a Certified Health & Life Coach, and works with clients to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes it may also mean teaming up with and working alongside their doctors, where appropriate, to facilitate the needed results.

The Life Coaching component primarily relates to the areas below:

a)  Since most physical issues are rooted in emotional issues, clients inevitably want or request coaching in dealing with emotional triggers.

b)  Situations not covered by the programs offered, where one feels stuck in a rut, cycle, or a situation – not being able to break out of it – at the cost of one’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being.


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My Story...

  • Targeted Conditions Successfully Reversed:

Part I – Horrendous Skin Reaction

Part II – Severe Chronic Pain / Extremely Low Bone Density

Incidental Success Stories:

– Eyes Restored: No more glasses

– Energy Levels Multiplied

– Weight Loss

– Sugar De-addiction

– No Virals/ Flus in over 16 years

– No back aches from long hours of desk-work in over 16 years

– No eye fatigue from staring at computer all day long in over 16 years

– No headaches /stomach-aches in over 16 years

*No money spent on medication in years 



DESPERATION I realized that it was time to roll up my sleeves and start out on a mission to find some anwers on my own – when despite long drawn efforts, neither conventional medicine nor alternative medicine was able to help reverse the damage caused to my face, albeit by my own carelessness (over-use of a skin ointment beyond the prescribed duration for a relatively minor condition). At the time, I had no idea that the said ointment contained moderate to high potency steroids, disuse of which (after prolonged use) could cause the  horrendous reaction that it did – so much so that I shuddered to look in the mirror. 

MOTIVATION – I could barely go anywhere without all heads turning around for a second look. I desperately wanted to believe that it was only a nightmare and everything would be back to normal when I woke up.  

DETERMINATION – While on one hand I found this whole experience extremely distressing, on the other hand, it developed in me the grit and determination to push through and trust the still small voice inside, the inner knowing – that there had be a way out.  

ACTION & REASONING) – I kept doing what worked and kept eliminating what did not since at this point I did not know what exactly the issue was. Along the journey, I experimented with many diets, cleanses, flushes, detoxes, and the like, and there was a lesson to be learnt from each testing.  

SUCCESS – By the time I was done, it seemed my entire life had changed. Not only had the skin issue disappeared completely, but additionally, I got rid of a bunch of other conditions that had not even been on my radar. To mention the more obvious ones:

– I had endless energy (all day long, everyday)  

– My eyes got fully restored (had worn glasses most of my growing years!)

– I lost weight and reached my optimal (had never been grossly overweight)

– My taste buds were transformed (everything tasted better!)

Broke my sugar-addiction (lost the cravings for chocklates, ice-creams…) 

Salt intake reduced (felt satiated by the natural saltiness of  vegetables)

In addition to the breakthroughs on the outside (at a physical level), I also seemed to heal on the inside from the traumatic experience. 

CONCLUSION – No it wasn’t all about eating right or a mere physical detox (though that helped), it was also about the accompanying emotional detox which entailed facing and effectively addressing every issue from the past that surfaced – that I hadn’t had the time to deal with or had chosen to overlook at the  time. Unbeknownst to me, none of it had ceased to exist, it had only gotten burried somewhere deep inside of me – until I was ready to make time for it and address it all effectively – for it to stop hindering my ability to live out full-on the  life that I was created to live.


Part  II 



DESPERATION – My health was as good as could be (no sickness, no medication) until seven years later, I suddenly developed a strange stiffness and pain in my knees and pelvis, which soon graduated to my ribs, shoulders, spine, and legs. Just about everything started to ache. Initially I did not take the pain seriously and thought it was due to the extremely cold  winter that year and  my overly enthusiastic outdoor activities like long walks in the snow. By the time it was Spring, the pain had become so severe that I developed a slight limp which went from being bad to worse. It was only a  matter of time before I started having trouble with stairs. I was always looking for elevators and escalators instead. And soon, the weight of the winter clothing started to feel heavy and made walking even more challenging. I could not pick up anything I dropped on the floor, I could not turn sides while sleeping, even sneezing became painful, and I literally would feel pain all the time. 

MOTIVATION – I desperately needed to stop hurting and even travelled to tropical climate for a few weeks hoping the warm weather would help, and also got my medicals done while I was there. The sunshine felt good but nothing of significance was uncovered from my tests (as I was to discover later, they had totally missed the mark). I returned disappointed and got back to regular life and for moment wondered if I would ever again be able to walk properly without  the limp and without the pain. However, the believer in me seemed determined to fight the good fight – but it seemed to get worse before it got better. One afternoon, while trying to walk down a flight of  stairs, I felt a sharp pain in my pelvis and while I did not want to pay heed to it, I was forced to since walking became even more difficult. By this time, I had already been in pain (and limping) for almost two years.

ACTION & REASONING: Someone had to actually talk me into visiting  a doctor this time since my previous experience elsewhere had not exactly been encouraging. To my relief, the doctor diagnosed the issue right away once the reports from my tests arrived. The culprit all along had primarily been Vitamin D deficiency. Somehow, until that point, I had been ignorant of the catalytic role of Vitamin D in facilitating calcium absorption. In other words, no matter how much calcium-rich foods I consumed, absent Vitamin D, it went unabsorbedby the body. In addition, in order to maintain the requisite calcium levels in the blood, the body had leached out  calcium from my bones causing substantial bone loss- which when went unaddressed for almost two years, ultimately caused  what appeared to be a stress fracture.

Long story short, the key recommended vitamins (Vitamin D and calcium) seemed to help but the improvement was very gradual and it seemed that at that rate it could take a very long time to get the pain relief I was impatient for. The Vitamin D from the sunshine from my trip to tropical climate had felt good but had not  been quite enough to do all the catching-up. I was grateful (and remain so till date)for the medical support but knew I needed to do something more. After a little while, as I was pondering my situation and sought wisdom and guidance on how I could accelerate my healing, it became very clear to me that 40-day Juice-Fast way the way to go. 

SUCCESS: I have highlighted below the key milestones from my 1st and 2nd 40-day Juice Fasts:

First 40-day Juice Fast (with cheating)

– Day 3: Stiffness / pain started to leave my knees and pelvis

– Day 5: Sat cross-legged which I hadn’t been able to in several months
– Day 10: Spine felt stronger than it had in a long time
– Day 11: Modified. Added specific salads to my day alongside Juices- so no longer exclusive Juice-Fast
(to be continued)
Second 40-day Juice-Fast